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United in Security Leadership

We love our Volunteers!

Due to the rising costs of the conference and the fact that volunteers wanted more flexibility, UMSA is rolling out a new volunteer fee structure. This new structure will allow volunteers flexibility in how they contribute to UMSA and will directly correlate their efforts to off-setting the Secure360 conference cost for them.

We will use the previous calendar year to calculate volunteer hours for the upcoming conference. For example, you already volunteered for the 2022 Secure 360 and worked 10 hours. If you want to volunteer another two hours through year end 2022 then you can volunteer in 2023 at no cost, if not you would need to volunteer and pay $75.00.

Graduated Cost Scale
• 0-4 hours – $100 discount
• 5-8 hours – $200 to attend
• 9-12 hours – $75 to attend
• 12+ hours – free to attend

Volunteer Hour Opportunities
• Speaker voting in November (est 4 hours)
• Speaker Selection Meeting early December (est 4 hours)
• Scholarship Voting/Selection when (est 4-hours)
• Secure360 Conference Volunteer May (est 4-16 hours)
• Career360 Conference Volunteer when (est 4-8 hours
• Other tasks pre-approved by the Managing Director or Board

*Note that UMSA board meetings do not count towards volunteer hours although exceptions may be granted on an as-needed basis. This framework will be reviewed from time to time and adjusted as needed.

UMSA has many volunteer opportunities throughout the year including help at Secure360 and Student360 events. Please complete the form below to be added to our volunteer base.


  • If you are a member of a professional association such as ASIS, BCPA, ISACA, etc please enter your main affiliation here.
  • Choose all that apply. Hold shift to select multiple.