The next great idea could arise at a college, university, a national institution – or a small community non-profit. Which is why the UMSA Foundation strives to direct funding toward programs, groups, and projects whose aim is to improve the professions on which we focus. We look for initiatives that are impactful, scalable and focused on:

  • Research and education in matters involving security, continuity and risk-related profession;
  • Promote, develop, foster and support individuals pursuing a security, continuity or risk-related professions.

UMSA Foundation Grant Guidelines

  1. The Foundation’s Board is guided by its Purpose Statement and Bylaws. Applications should explain how the organization and grant request are consistent with that Statement.
  2. Grant requests must include: 1) a description of the proposed project or operations; 2) a statement of the need; 3) specific program components, staffing, logistics, goals and projected benefits or numbers of people to be affected; and 4) plans for evaluating the effectiveness of the program or project.
  3. The Foundation typically does not fund more than 25% of a project’s budget or more than 10% of an organization’s total annual operating budget.
  4. The Foundation typically does not make multi-year commitments.
  5. Grant requests should be submitted a minimum of 4 months before funds are required.
  6. The Foundation will only consider one grant request from an organization in a 12-month period. For grantees submitting a new application after their previous application was declined or granted, the 12-month period starts from the point that the previous grant was acted on by the Board.
  7. The Foundation does not make loans or grants to individuals.
  8. Organizations requesting funding must be headquartered in one of the following states of the upper Midwest:
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
  1. Organizations funded by the Foundation must provide a full report of previous grant expenditures and outcomes of the grant.
  2. The Foundation typically does not support event fundraisers or sponsorships, or contribute to endowments.
  3. The Foundation does not support other private foundation.
  4. The Foundation does not support lobbying of any kind.

Submit a Grant Request

Grant requests can be made by filling out the online form below or by downloading a PDF version of the UMSA Foundation Grant Application and sending it directly to the UMSA Foundation.

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